Sep 18, 2003
boredness to the max!!!!!

ok so today i woke up late again...but i make it like 10 minutes late into anatomy lecture.....i'm so hungry so i stop by this filipino place and get some kare kare and rice...yum...ok one thing, how come at the filipino place fried rice is just fried rice with garlic.....eewww....thats the shit my dad makes when he's all, yeah i made fried rice...its all big ass chunks of garlic....ok so i'm a work and i'm grubbing and sam see's me.....and he's all is that indian?!!!!!?? i'm like naw, this is filipino, its called kare kare, you thought that because its all brown....but yeah so i just started work right now, and no orders to process, and there's only like 3 people in my "call folder". ....what am i going to do for 5 hours???........i guess study for my next class......

by the way which is world religion.......

oh yeah twice every semester we have to do expolotory projects, one from eastern and  western this semester i'm going to do an expolotory project on the church of scientology?.... ever heard of it?.....i'm going to go for a church service and maybe a tour....its on sunset i think.....i dunno....but it seems kinda scary....what if i become brainwashed or something?.....what if they make me chant as i dance naked around a fire??? 

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Sep 17, 2003
i'm bored

ok so i'm bored at work once again...but guess what? our friend sopheak is back from the navy for like 2 weeks or something...and he got did my torso...but anyways

WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE COLD AGAIN......dude i so way love cold weather clothes then hot weather clothes...i realize that fat people arms are just not so appealing, so i have to wear jackets all the time...i was very fortunate that the velour jumpsuits came into style when i became plump... and from personal experience now i understand why some thick girls always wear jackets, even when its hot.... i so hate it when everyone is like: dude its so hot why are you wearing a jacket.....UGH!!!

i was reading what a wrote, and i SO WAY TOTALLY, sound like a valley girl, or like someone from California.....or is this just a sign of my intelligence

FYI- my new favorite tv shows: the oc and newlyweds.....dude i missed oc last night, but i saw the new newlyweds....for all of you who don't know....newlyweds is the funniest thing ever.....jessica simpson is really ditsy.....she was eating tuna from the brand chicken of the sea...and so she asks nick: am i eating chicken or tuna, i think its tuna, but it said chicken of the

ANOTHER THING- yeah at work i have to call people alot cuz i'm the person who calls people when something is wrong with their credit card/order...and many a time i have to call people from the south....dude!!!! i love southern accents....its sooo cute.....ALSO....when people from the south call me ma'am they're so polite....its so cute and i love it....they think i'm old.

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Sep 15, 2003
ok so this is like, the first

ok so i'm at worked, bored as usual, and i was reviewing the weekend i just had in my mind...and i was like this was the first ever that i hung out with girls only...well this was yesterday...let me give you some background....most of my friends are boys cuz i just don't get girls....except sarah and laura.... well anyways yesterday i had dinner and kick it with these 2 cool girls from highschool....sadizie and linzie....but yeah i was just thinking....this is the first time i'm kicking it with NORMAL  girls....girls that don't lie, aren't shady, aren't flaky, aren't total druggies, don't have middle eastern dominering fathers that don't let them go out, don't have kids, are actually my age, and are totally cool....they're like....they're normal girls that are 19 and act like they're 19..oh yeah and by the way, they're also total babes, way funny, and really smart, one goes to uci and the other goes to pitzer college, you know part of the claremont colleges....i was like damn....i missed having girl friends that are normal......when did it all come down to this? where everyone does drugs, has kids, are flaky/liers.....but on a different note i have 2 baby showers next week, on the same day....anyways

yeah yesterday was Conan O'Brians 10 year anniversary special...and i missed 30 minutes of was an hour and a half....i hope they re-air it...but they probably won't...because no one really appriciates the talent and carisma of Conan.....yeah, me and conan are on first name basis...but they showed all the characters they made up and i saw two of my favorites....the preperation H guy and the masturbating bear....what a hoot...anyways, gotta go back to work...

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Sep 12, 2003
so have they changed it?

ok i'm a work waiting for it to be 4:00 and i starting thinking:

ok ever since i got fat i became a firm believer that fat chicks just shouldn't dance in public...this dawned on me one evening as a danced alone in my room and i caught a glance at myself in the was like whoa....and not the mya way....but yeah so ever since then, i really don't want to dance and don't wanna go to clubs....even though i love dancing....and i can'r even remember the last time i really went dancing....but i danced for like a minute at roe's birthday thing last week...but that was only cuz my inhibitions were very low due to drinking just a tad....but yeah i haven't really gone dancing in such a long time i was wondering....damn they've probably changed it by the time that i haven't spent dancing a committee was formed and they changed dancing on me....this is so typical of my world....

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dude i came up

ok so yesterday was a stressful day because i had my anatomy lecture exam, work, and class....but i got world history teacher, my 7-10pm class, he got sick....i love it when teachers get anyways....instead of class i went to this gambling thing and i won!!!...i never win...because i'm destined to lose....but last night i won...i put in like $10 and i came out with like $30....but i gave some to jason and i tipped to dealer...

anways i'm at work right now...and i'm bored oh yeah for all of you that don't know i finally have a job...and i don't work at weinersnitzel anymore...yeay....check it out...we sell computer stuff online at

and whats up with everyone having i like the only person who doesn't have a baby? there are such things called contraceptives...

AND THANKS LINZIE FOR LEAVING ME A MESSAGE...i bet your the only one who read this..why? because i'm sad, lonely, and boring....

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Sep 11, 2003
the oc

ok. am i a total nerd but i love that new show the oc.  at first i was just watching it so i could make fun of it....but really its like they made that guy look like he's all bad and shit...WHY? cuz he's from is not that tito has a $400,000 house in is so not ghetto...but some part are...but not eeeeven.....but i totally got hooked on the story line...and that bad boy and that other have to get together

ok i was just thinking about my name for this oj and it reminds me of the movie "the hot chick" with rob you know what i'm talking about?

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so this is what it is

ok so like this is what they mean by oj...i thought it meant orange juice, but apparently oj means online journal...and so here i am and i've found it...i guess i'll have more fun things to do when i'm bored at work...but DUDE I HAVE BEEN SO STRESSED THIS WEEK!!!! OK today i had a very rude awakening, and no it was not by someone trying to wake me up by yelling, "your fat and ugly, get out of my way"...ok so i wake up right? and i stretch a little and what the hell?....Bam...i pulled a muscle...and i was sooo just waking up that it was like i was still in dream mode...ok so i wake up all early like at 6am and can't go back to sleep cuz of my leg...but i have to go to school anways so i get ready...i have a boring ass anatomy lab...then i go to work right after...which is all the same...try to sqeeze in some study time but i was totally havea brain farts and shit... but chris and kristen stopped by and we had fun times...just like the good old days..ok then right after work a have a 2 hr break, which i study more for anatomy, then when it was time to go to my night class i was like screw that...and i ended up not going to my world history class, but i ended up going to a pet store...i also had a fun but weird encounter with me and jay are driving to the pet store and there's this car in front of us, and the girl who'se driving looks like she's trying to swat i'm like: Jay! dude that girl has a bee or something in her car, she looks are scared and is waving her arms all we assume shes a madman and have a good laugh... then we realize...(read this part more slowly and with a deeper voice)that madman is my anyways it turns out to be that was cool...

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